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Pure Water Plus+ is here for all your Pure Water and Potable Water needs. 

Serving Campbell, San Jose, Santa Cruz and the greater Bay Area.

We deliver Bulk Steam-Distilled Pure Water. Our bottle-less delivery is a more environmentally friendly way to enjoy pure water! 

We also deliver Potable Water in Bulk for residential, commercial and emergency needs.

We are the distiller experts and have been in the distiller industry for over 30+ years.

We sell distillers, steam-distilled water by the gallon and we offer Bottle-Less "Hassle-Free Delivery" of our steam-distilled pure drinking water. 

We have Full-Service Water Stores where we sell steam-distilled pure drinking water by the gallon, Bottles (Glass, Polycarbonate & BPA-free), Coolers, Crocks, Stands and Filters. We have self-serve vending machines that are open 24/7 and dispense the same steam-distilled drinking water as inside the store. We have been in the steam-distilled pure water store business for over 30 years!

We specialize in vapor compression steam-distillation because it removes harmful bacteria, chlorine, salt, pharmaceuticals and other toxic chemicals and carcinogens. We make ultra-pure water the way nature intended through evaporation and condensation like pure rain.

Steam-distilled pure water is the best for drinking, cooking, aquariums, hydroponics, hot tubs, spas, saunas, as well as equipment requiring as low as 0-1 ppm total dissolved solids.

We sell, service and refurbish Superstill and Mueller VCS Distillers. We also sell and service Reverse Osmosis Systems and Filtration Systems. 

H2O4U Pure Water

911 41st Ave. 

Santa Cruz, CA 95062



1300 Dell Ave. Ste D

Campbell, CA 95008


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