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Pure Water Delivery for Home or Business

We feel our "hassle-free" steam-distilled pure water delivery is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to enjoy pure
steam-distilled drinking water right at your fingertips.

Our delivery is a bottle-less system. Rather than deliver heavy bottles that have to be lifted and stored, we place a 57 gallon tank (or larger as needed) that always stays at your location and water is dispensed right at your fingertips from a faucet or cooler. We place you on a delivery schedule and come by on a monthly basis to refill the tank. We allow you to use the tank free of charge as long as you are a delivery customer. The tank can be free-standing with a fill-line to dispense water as needed, or it can be plumbed to a hot & cold cooler or a long-reach faucet we can install next to your kitchen sink. The tank can also supply water to your refrigerator or insta-hot.

We also deliver pure steam-distilled water to fill hot tubs, saunas and spas. We have larger tanks for customers to use who need bulk steam-distilled water delivery for labs, equipment, food processing, aquariums, and plants/hydroponics. If you already have a tank we can come and fill it with pure steam-distilled water or we can provide one for you.

Call us and we can schedule a time for us to come to your location.
We can meet with you to discuss various options and show you how we can supply you with ultra-pure steam-distilled water to meet all your pure water needs.

Call us at:    408-370-7130    or     831-479-0400
or email:  Purewaterplus@aol.com
or fill out the form below so we may contact you to provide you with more information.

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