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We offer a better system of pure water delivery, both environmentally and ergonomically.  Rather than have to lift and store heavy, plastic bottles, we deliver steam distilled pure drinking water to your location where it is safely stored in a tank, then it is dispensed to a faucet at your fingertips or to a hot/cold cooler. No lifting, no bottles to throw away and less expensive than bottle delivery. Call (408)370-7130 for pricing.

We sell and service Superstill and Mueller Vapor Compression Distillers. We sell refurbished S-25, VCS-25, and S-200 distillers.  We also sell and service Polar Bear and Dolfyn distillers.  Call (408)370-7130 for a quote.

We sell a five stage RO system that can be installed at your home or business. We also sell the replacement filters and membranes, and we have service technicians that can come to your location to service your system and change your filters.
Call (408)370-7130

Our Santa Cruz store offers steam distilled water by the gallon.  We sell a variety of glass, stainless, BPA-free & polycarbonate bottles.  We sell designer crock sets, stands, and coolers.  We have 24-hour vending machines located in the front window.  We are located at:
H2O4U Pure Water
911 41st Ave., Santa Cruz
Monday-Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm

We service San Jose, Campbell, Santa Cruz and the greater bay area.

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