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Our Steam-Distilled Water Purification Process

1.  5 Micron Sediment Filtration to remove
     sediment, rust, sand and silt.

2.  Pre-Carbon Filtration to remove harmful
     chemicals and chlorine.

3.  Water Softener to remove calcium and
     magnesium that can scale distiller.

4.  Carbon Filtration

5.  5 Micron Sediment Filtration

6.  Vapor Compression Steam Distillation heats the
     water to boiling, captures the steam and 
     condenses the steam to make ultra pure water.  
     Distillation is the process of water purification
     that nature intended. The sun evaporates the
     water into the air, up to the clouds and 
     condenses the steam down to the earth as pure
     rain water.

7.  Post-Carbon Filtration

8.  Ozone to ensure quality of water in tank.

9.  The ultra pure water then passes through
     Ultraviolet (UV) Light.

Our water is continuously tested to ensure the highest quality of steam-distilled pure water.

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